About IntSpo

IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that develops and manufactures technology in Norway. We provide tracking and sensor IoT-solutions for the management of physical assets. IntSpo was founded as corporation in February 2017 and has an office address in Asker outside Oslo. IntSpo has financial support from Innovation Norway and SkatteFUNN.

Our expertise is based on experience with research on IoT and mobile technology from one of Norway's largest mobile companies. With IoT (internet of things) all objects can communicate location and state. With 4G and 5G mobile technology new opportunities for IoT innovation are opened.

Our core idea is that digitalization of physical assets should give businesses increased profitability through better overview and control.

Strategic partners

IntSpo delivers solutions both directly to our customers or through strategic partners. We have a unique network that includes some of the most talented technology companies in Norway and partner agreements with leading telecom operators and suppliers.


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