In this way, the IoT can contribute to achieving the UN's sustainability goals

As adaptable people and innovators, we can change habits and develop solutions to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

As inhabitants of the earth, we constantly face waste and climate crises. As a species, we are responsible for these crises. Everyone has a role to play and we can all contribute. By becoming more aware of how our daily habits and activities affect ecosystems, we can also change and contribute.

IoT technology is emerging as a new opportunity to create sustainability

Technology also has an important role to play. Technological innovations have been developed at an incredible rate in recent decades. We humans have found ways to improve processing power, data management and utilization, connect people and improve our quality of life.

One of the areas that has emerged is the Internet of Things (IoT) - interconnected devices that communicate with and over the Internet. The number of connected devices is expected to increase significantly during this decade. This creates an incredible opportunity to leverage IoT technology to help achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

75 % of all IoT projects contribute to the UN's sustainability goals

The World Economic Forum highlights how most current IoT projects can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They point to research conducted by IoT Analytics on over 640 IoT projects. 75% of the projects in the study contribute to SDGs that are related to commercial and industrial applications. If sustainability is included in the development of the solution, the number of SDGs addressed by projects could potentially increase.

In this way, the IoT can contribute to companies' sustainability goals

IntSpo AS works with solutions that help reduce waste.

  1. Our IoT technology helps companies take better care of their belongings. Companies can then reduce their "buffers" of things and can improve the service level of their customers again.
  2. Our sensor solutions can help municipalities reduce CO2 emissions by not having to physically drive out to, for example, ponds and rivers to observe the water level.
  3. We also have sensors for monitoring vegetables in agriculture that can help reduce the proportion of food that must be thrown away.

In many contexts, electronics and battery waste are a major problem. We therefore have an offer for our customers who can return this to us for either battery replacement or certified waste management.

We are committed to contributing solutions to achieve the UN's goals for sustainable development - and the awareness in relation to this is built into all our work processes!

Hans Erik Karsten
General manager of IntSpo AS

About IntSpo

IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that digitizes physical assets with IoT (internet of things). We provide IoT solutions with advanced tracking and sensor technologies which provides optimized management and operation of physical assets. With insight into available and future technology IntSpo can deliver effective solutions designed for each customer's needs.