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«Tracking as a Service – TaaS»

IntSpo began developing the idea in December 2015, and the founders have experience from tracking solutions as far back as 2008. The company was founded in February 2017.

What we do

Our technology is the foundation

IntSpo AS, in collaboration with our customers, wants to create, improve and realize lasting results through better utilization of the customer's equipment and documentation related to this equipment.


Developement and Customization

We solve challenges related to tracking and status / condition of objects. All objects and equipment can be tracked - and we adapt our solutions to your needs. Our focus is on Tracking as a Service - or TaaS. Our proprietary electronics are so flexible that we can place a tracking device just about anywhere.



IntSpo places great emphasis on working with the best players in the industry, both in the telecom and electronics industries. This will help you tailor your solution to get the most value out of your investment. We have production in Norway at Dynamic Precision at Kjeller. We have one of Europe's largest electronics manufacturers, Fideltronik, with us on the ownership side.


Internet of Things





IntSpo started developing our consept in December 2015, and the founders have experience from tracking solutions as far back as 2008. In February 2017, the company was founded and has an office address in Asker center. We have a unique network with some of the most skilled technologists in Norway in the area, as well as cooperation agreements with leading telecom operators and suppliers. IntSpo is a subsidiary of one of Europe's largest electronics manufacturer (Fideltronik) with a turnover of over 3 billion, and over 30 years of experience in the development and production of electronics.

Our background

We who work in and for IntSpo AS have a total of 60+ years of experience in IT, technical, administrative and development, regulatory engineering, telecom and programming. Some of our former employers are Honeywell Bull, Petro Brass, Volvo Norway, PCK, Telenor, Norway's Export Council, Huawei, Fornebu Consulting / Devoteam and Østfold Hospital.




IntSpo AS

Address: Strøket 8, 1383 Asker

Hans Erik Karsten

Hans G. Kristensen

Hans Erik Karsten


Phone: +47 905 14 816

Hans G. Kristensen


Phone: +47 984 57 900

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