IntSpo an example of excellent innovation

In Innovation Norway's annual innovation speech IntSpo was cited as a prime example of good collaboration between the private and public sectors, and how good solutions that start small can bring big benefits from national and international commissioning.

“IntSpo creates software and services to track hospital equipment astray. One hospital can save five million a year on simple trolleys that disappear, using their tracking technology. It is a lot of money. But if all the hospitals do, they will save at least 100 million in total ”. - Anita Krohn Traaseth, Head of Innovation Norway.

IntSpo featured on the TV2 News

Anita Krohn Traaseth repeated the mention of IntSpo on TV2 News when she was interviewed by Norway's Minister of Business Affairs Monica Mæland.

Watch Innovation Norway's presentation of IntSpo

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IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that digitizes physical assets with IoT (internet of things). We provide IoT solutions with advanced tracking and sensor technologies which provides optimized management and operation of physical assets. With insight into available and future technology IntSpo can deliver effective solutions designed for each customer's needs.

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