New marketing and communication adviser in IntSpo

Hilde Kari Alstad will work with social media, marketing, web, communication consulting and media contact. She has more than 15 years of communication experience from the Telenor Group and is a recent graduate with masters degree from BI.

Hilde is already revamping our brand and website, and will give us a real boost on social media visibility.

- IntSpo is an exciting and innovative company within IoT. I think IoT will see tremendous growth in the years to come. I look forward to making ourselves more visible in the press and social media so that more people become better acquainted with IntSpo.

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Welcome to Hilde!

About IntSpo

IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that digitizes physical assets with IoT (internet of things). We provide IoT solutions with advanced tracking and sensor technologies which provides optimized management and operation of physical assets. With insight into available and future technology IntSpo can deliver effective solutions designed for each customer's needs.

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