Tracking technology with IoT is mature, are you ready to use it?

IntSpo is mentioned by LOGMA in an exciting article about IoT as a game changer for organizations. Read more in the magazine Logistics & Management.

Jan Elling Rindli, Deputy Chairman of LOGMA - the network for logistics management, writes about digital strategy at IoT, how tracking technology can be a game changer for organizations, and what it means to track and analyze things, when many different sensors can be linked to the thing.

Article image: facsimile from the magazine Logistics & Management

Read the full article in the magazine Logistics & Management

Topics affected:

  • That's why technology is mature now
  • Overview of available technology that enables tracking with IoT
  • Example of tracking technology (IntSpo)
  • Digital strategy on IoT as a game changer in business strategy
  • Big data from IoT tracking must be stored and analyzed
  • This is how tracking technology can become a game changer for your organization

About IntSpo

IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that digitizes physical assets with IoT (internet of things). We provide IoT solutions with advanced tracking and sensor technologies which provides optimized management and operation of physical assets. With insight into available and future technology IntSpo can deliver effective solutions designed for each customer's needs.