IntSpo enters into IoT collaboration with Digitread

The aim is to jointly offer solutions to strengthen the digitization of Norwegian industry with ready-to-use IoT tracking solutions that can track objects both indoors and outdoors.

Digitread is a recognized total supplier of industrial solutions. Now IntSpo becomes part of this to strengthen the digitalisation of the Norwegian industry. As a result of the collaboration, Digitread IoT is expanding its service offering to include intelligent tracking of physical objects with IoT technology.

In all Norwegian workplaces, there is a need to work efficiently to reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Why spend time waiting or looking for items when you can real-time tracking them with intelligent tracking chips?

The IntSpo tracking chips are ready-to-use, and can track objects both indoors and outdoors. Customers can place the tracking chip on all types of objects for efficient resource utilization and control.

The best of two worlds

Digitread IoT is a total supplier of industrial IoT solutions to industries such as industry, shipyards, shipping companies, offshore and aquaculture. The company has the expertise to extract and process data from technical installations, machines and sensors, as well as present them in real time in applications on mobile, tablet and PC.

IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that digitizes physical assets with IoT (Internet of Things). The company has cutting-edge expertise in the development of intelligent tracking chips with advanced sensor technologies that can be adapted to any type of connection technology to connect things to the Internet. The data collected can be presented in real-time in the customer's own interface or in IntSpo's own web solution. With insight into available and future technology, IntSpo can deliver effective solutions designed for each customer's needs.

Digitread looks forward to expanding its service offering with intelligent tracking chips

- Through this collaboration we are able to offer tracking as an additional service to everything else we can already monitor with the solutions we have. In connection with the digitization of shipyards, for example, we can offer solutions that allow our customers to track physical assets at the shipyard. The shipyards have enough control over where the biggest machines are, but smaller equipment such as jackets and other load carriers may be hiding or located in places they are not supposed to be. Equipped with tracking chips, it becomes very easy to find exactly where all such equipment is at any given time, and then the crew can go right there instead of embarking on exploration, says Christoffer Lange of Digitread IoT.

Ready-to-use IoT-solutions

A common denominator for both IntSpo and Digitread IoT is that they want to develop good, functional solutions that customers can use without having to worry about how the underlying technology works purely technically.

- That is why we take responsibility for the technology that is linked to the tracking chips themselves, and make sure to deliver pieces that are robust, stable, reliable and have a long life. Digitread IoT handles the data collection itself and ensures that their customers get the results presented in apps on a mobile phone or perhaps in a map on a PC, says Hans Erik Karsten, general manager of IntSpo.

- The purpose is to be able to offer a completely ready-to-use solution that the end customer can start using right away and without problems. I am absolutely convinced that this collaboration will deliver good results for customers, concludes Christoffer Lange in Digitread.

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