Norwegian-built sensors from IntSpo in Posten Norway's IoT-project

Computerworld has written about Posten's IoT project where IntSpo delivered our Norwegian-built sensors with IoT technology.

IntSpo won the tender last year when Norway Post's innovation project set itself the goal of achieving real-time tracking on parcel cages using Norwegian-built sensors. It was these sensors with IoT technology and a web interface we developed for Posten. In addition, the Telenor project tested the NB-IoT mobile network for communication between the sensors and the cloud.

Together, we would solve Posten's challenge of having enough free parcel cages in the right place at the right time.

At the same time, IntSpo was to develop our technology so that it could work with Telenor's NB-IoT mobile network for indoor tracking, since the weakness with GPS and 4G is lacking or varying coverage there.

Post well satisfied with the results. Now Haneng dreams of being able to offer real-time tracking of everything.

The innovation project is nearing completion. The package tracking solution has proven to work well. - I am very pleased with the results, says Alexander Haneng, Director of Digital Innovation at Posten Norge to Computerworld (Computerworld #9, november 2019).

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Hans Erik Karsten, CEO of IntSpo talks about Posten's IoT project.

Hans Erik Karsten, CEO of IntSpo talks about Posten's IoT project.

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