Meeting invitation: real-time tracking with IoT for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction

LOGMA, february 11: IntSpo and Posten present the experience of using IoT technology to track parcel cages.

It was the Norwegian technology company IntSpo that was invited to solve Norway Post's need to work more efficiently with the shipment of parcels. Norway Post has a total of 22,000 parcel cages to keep track of. The dream is not just real-time tracking of package cages, but real-time tracking of everything. The theme meeting will be held at 11 am on February 11, 2020, 15-17 under the auspices of the LOGMA network for logistics management. Register here to join the meeting.

Much time was spent looking for packing cages indoors

Posten's challenge was to have enough free package cages in the right place at the right time. The packages should reach the customer at the right time. Much time was spent in searching for parcel cages. The problem with many tracking solutions is lack of indoor coverage.

NB-IoT provides the needed indoor and outdoor coverage

The Norwegian Post tested IntSpo`s Norwegian-built IoT solution, which was developed for use on Telenor's NB-IoT mobile network. NB-IoT solved the problem of lack of indoor coverage. And even better, it basically does not require investment in infrastructure because of the use of the mobile network. Posten's test shows that IoT solutions with NB-IoT work.

What's next? Customers who can track their packages in real time are more satisfied

Amazon and several players have begun to look at how real-time tracking can improve the quality of customer experience. Already now, it is not uncommon for Norwegians to track their parcels 10, 20 and 30 timesCompanies who use IoT solutions to meet this need get more satisfied customers, says Hans Erik Karsten, CEO of IntSpo AS (photo).

About IntSpo

IntSpo is a Norwegian technology company that digitizes physical assets with IoT (internet of things). We provide IoT solutions with advanced tracking and sensor technologies which provides optimized management and operation of physical assets. With insight into available and future technology IntSpo can deliver effective solutions designed for each customer's needs.